Sunday, July 1, 2012

Only 1 % of Colorado Is Burning

    Only 1% of Colorado is burning.  The Estes Park fire titled the Woodland Heights fire started just before noon on Saturday, June 23rd and by that evening the fire was contained.  It was amazing to see how volunteer fire fighters from surrounding towns arrived promptly.  Air support arrived within the first hour and worked diligently until evening.  Sadly, 22 homes were lost.  Since then the community has rallied to support and provide whatever is needed for those families.  A week later plans are being made to rebuild and repair. 
    The Colorado Springs fire is 45% contained, High Park 85% contained, and the Boulder fire was 100% contained 2 days after it began.  Due to the hard work of the fire fighters and community support groups the evacuees are returning home.   Several groups are helping the families that homes were destroyed in the fire.
    The danger is passing.  Nationwide we all need to be careful with campfires, cigarettes, and grills.
  Yes, it is warmer than usual and somewhat drier at present.  A lot of states are experiencing unusually hot summers.  The mountains are still 10 degrees cooler than the major cities along the Front Range. We have had afternoon showers that have provided much needed moisture. 
    I will leave you with the words on one of the homes in the fire area that was not destroyed that expresses the sentiment of the community.
“On 23 June 2012, heroes flew above us, walked among us
     This ground is witness to the stand they took
    Their resolve, the silent oath of “Here, and no farther”
   We grieve for what was lost, and marvel at all they saved”

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