Sunday, May 20, 2012

First Weekend in June Fishing Derby and Map and Compass Basics in RMNP

    Fisherman and Hikers are the focus of the June 2 weekend as the The 24th annnual Fishing Derby and Map and Compass Basics in Rocky Mountain National Park ( are held.  I love to fish so the thought of fishing in scenic Lake Estes, which will be stocked with trout, mostly rainbows, from the Colorado Division of Wildlife the day prior to the event, is hard to resist. Of course the class in map and compass basics sounds very tempting especially for off trail hiking.  Roger grew up hiking off trail and reading maps, I on the other hand am clueless unless he is with me.
    The Fishing Derby's registration will begin at 6:30am.  If you stay with us, Roger will make sure you have breakfast and lunch for the days fishing.  The Derby is open for all ages.  Registration is $4 per person and their will be prizes for various categories.
    The Orienteering for Beginners: Map & Compass Basics in RMNP is intended for the recreational hiker who has little or no experience reading a topographic map or working with a compass.  Topics that will be covered include: map souces, map vintage, next generation of US topo maps by USGS, map symbology, reading contour lines, recognizing landforms, calculating percent and angle of slope, compass components, taking a compass bearing and correcting for magnetic declination, overland navigation via map and compass and triangulation.  Are you still awake, if so maybe this class is for you.  All materials are provided and compasses will be available for loan. Cost $35.00. Call 970-586-3262 or visit website to purchase tickets. The class is from 12:30pm-5 pm.
    Did I hook you in to coming to Estes Park? That is what I was fishing for.
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