Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bear Tales

         It seems there are always animal stories floating around town.  The latest is that a black bear chose to hibernate in the crawl space of a business downtown.  There ws much discussion over what to do.  It was decided with the help of the" bear lady" from the Colorado Department of Wildlife to close the bear up in the crawl space for the winter along with a camera to monitor his hibernation.  It was reported that the bear changed positions periodically throughout the winter.  The location of the sleeping bear was kept top secret so as not to draw crowds or worry passers by.  Last week it was observed via video that the bear was waking up.  The crawl space was opened up once again.  The bear would return during the day for a couple of days but then left permenently.  Fortunately along with the bears waking early due to the beautiful weather we have experienced, the folage is blooming so the bears have food to eat.
        No one knows for sure where the bear has gone.  Maybe it was the same bear who wwas eating apples off a tree in the middle of town in years past.  Maybe he knows "George" the black bear that passes our way in the summer and thrills guests.  Maybe he knows the group of bears that gather at the Sundeck Restaurant dumpster at 1:00am on Friday nights to partake of the remains of the fish special.  Whomever he is or knows we are glad that he and many others grace our beartiful area.  The people of Estes Park have lived peacefully with the bears and wild life for many years and I don't forsee anything changing.  Praise God!

Living the Dream, Roger and Karin Steers Your Estes Park Bed and Breakfast Hosts

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