Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Anniversary Inn B & B and Rocky Mountain National Park

The Anniversary Inn B & B  and the formation of  Rocky Mountain National Park  (RMNP) ( share common beginnings.  Albert Hayden who did the surveying for what was to become RMNP built a one story lake home which would become known as the Anniversary Inn B & B, in the small community known as Estes Park in 1906. Hayden surveyed and hiked the mountains for several summers preparing the maps for the park service. Mr. Hayden surveyed and named Mt. Jullian, Mt. Ida, and Mt. Alice after his daughters.  Miss Anna Dickinson, who was the first women to climb Longs Peak, stayed at the home when she make her climb.  Anna wrote, "After the climb, camping below timberline the climbing party sat around the campfire and talked of all things that touch the brain and soul". Rocky Mountain National Park was opened  in 1915.  Hayden continued to own the home until the early 1920's when he sold it to the Vaughns.  Mr.Vaughn started the First National Bank and opened a hardware store in the town of Estes Park.  In order to convince his wife to move with him he committed to adding a second story. They were integral members of the community.  They owned the home until 1975.  Mrs. Vaughn sold it shortly after Mr. Vaughn died to a developer who divided off two plots and sold them to private individuals.
     The home was sold to a pilot and his wife who did some remodeling to establish the first bed and breakfast.  It was called the Tommer Hus Bed and Breakfast which is Norwegian for log cabin.  The breakfast included many Scandinavia dishes including Swedish Pancakes, Norwegian Cardamom Rolls and Danish Abelhage..  After several years, the inn was sold and the new owners named it the Anniversary Inn B &B.
    Roger and I bought the Inn in 2008.  We closed it for a month, redecorated, and refurnished it to become the luxury mountain inn it is today.  The Inn still has the original beautiful log structure.  Hayden pioneered the cement chinking that is between the logs. The yellow pine floors are the original flooring.  Roger and I have sought to maintain the beauty and the history of this historic home. The Inn continues to welcome visitors to Rocky Mountain National Park. Roger has climbed 50 of the 52 peaks in Colorado and is well versed on the hiking trails within the park. We also continue the tradition of holding special events and celebrating special occasions.  We seek to provide a warm, hospitable, and inviting atmosphere for all those who journey to the mountains.

Living the Dream, Roger and Karin Steers Your Estes Park Bed and Breakfast Hosts

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